Wood trembesi (Samanea saman)

Wood trembesi now much ogled as a raw material substitute for wood crafts and furniture teak. Despite having a number of disadvantages compared to teak, but the unique texture makes this wood can be processed into products that have high economic value.

Trembesi Wood can be an alternative material to replace teak furniture. With lower prices and a nice wood texture. This species has a circumference of trees reached 4.5 meters (m) with an average height of 30 m to 40 m.

Wood Bangkirai (Shorea lavefolia Endent)

Bangkirai wood has a color of brownish yellow and sometimes, because that is called yellow turvy. The difference between wood and wood patio pig is quite clear, with a lighter color pig. Wood is only found in Indonesia, Malaysia & Philippines. At the recently split / cut, the wood porch sometimes appear reddish brown. could be up to 120 cm in diameter and tree height reached 40 meters. The average diameter is 70-90cm.

Thiswood has a type of fiber with strong ties, but after several hours in the open air, have a tendency Fiber Bangkirai open and 'twisted' so is less suitable for construction that require high stability. Bangkirai drying process with a normal temperature is 12-25 days. The biggest risk is curved wood or even a crack at the time still in the oven chamber.

Merbau Wood (Intsia bijuga)

Merbau wood fiber texture that easily recognizable red-brown color and is widely used for panelling, parquet flooring, doors and windows. This wood hardwood category and with a texture that has made ​​Merbaubecome a symbol exclusively in the interior.

Merbauis used in heavy construction such as beams, pillars and bearing, in building houses and bridges. Because of the strength, durability and attractive appearance, now merbau wood is also used extensively for the manufacture of sills, doors and windows, floor parquet flooring, the boards and panels, furniture, truck bodies, carving etc

Mahogany Wood (Swietenia Macrophylla)

Mahogany including large trees with tall trees reach 35-40m and the diameter reaches 125m. Trunk straight cylindrical.

The characteristics of mahogany-colored skin is mahogany brown, shallow grooved like scales. When the skin is still young stems gray and smooth, then changed to reddish brown.

Since last 30 years, began to be cultivated because of its wood mahogany has a relatively high economic value. The quality hard wood and very good for furniture, carvings and crafts.

Teak Wood (Tectona Grandis)

Teak is a timber class for strength, durability and beauty. Technically, this wood is very resistant to termite attack

Althoughloud and powerful, easy to cut teak wood and done so liked to make furniture and carvings.

The characteristics ofteak wood when grinded / sanded to have a smooth surface and as greasy. The patterns of circles in the clear timber. With the texture and beauty of the wood color, teak wood is classified as a luxury.